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October 2012

Avoid Beauty Blunders for Success

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We all know that looking after your body and hair is important and there is a lot of pressure on us to do so, however some people take it to extremes. Using body care products and make-up to excess or in the wrong way can have the opposite effect of that which you were trying to achieve. Some of the most common mistakes occur when we’re trying to impress the most, such as on a first date or at a job interview. However, committing one of these beauty crimes could backfire and leave you wondering what you did wrong. Let’s take a look at the top beauty blunders.

Kick Start Your Winter Skin Regime

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With winter fast approaching, it’s time to kick start your beauty regime and really start to focus on looking after your skin. The cold weather can have a harsh reaction on your skin, leaving you with a dry face and hands. Moving from the cold outside to warm, heated rooms dries out your skin, so you need to take extra measures to fight back. The right skin care products can help you to combat winter skin problems.