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Avoid Beauty Blunders for Success

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We all know that looking after your body and hair is important and there is a lot of pressure on us to do so, however some people take it to extremes. Using body care products and make-up to excess or in the wrong way can have the opposite effect of that which you were trying to achieve. Some of the most common mistakes occur when we’re trying to impress the most, such as on a first date or at a job interview. However, committing one of these beauty crimes could backfire and leave you wondering what you did wrong. Let’s take a look at the top beauty blunders.

Got It Nailed

To nail that job interview, one area you should look after is... your nails. One of the worst mistakes you can make, according to employers, is to show up with chipped nail polish and raggedy nails, because it makes you look like a nervous or unprepared person. Your nails are one of the first things that someone else will notice about you – when you shake hands with them, and if you’re a person who likes to express themselves with their hands.

Part of your job preparation should include taking time out the day or night before to give yourself a manicure. Using Nailtiques regularly will also help to give your nails extra strength and moisture retention, as well as promoting their natural growth. Their products are available from Nailtiques Formula 1 through to Formula 3, depending on the condition of your nails.

Hair We Have It

Looking after your hair is another important consideration. Split ends are associated with laziness, and unkempt and unclean hair is definitely a big no no. You might feel that your time might be better spent reading through your notes rather than doing your hair the morning before your interview, but there’s no reason why you can’t read while wielding the hair dryer!

Be careful not to go over the top, though. You don’t want the interviewer to be distracted by a giant beehive or for your quiff to be getting in the way of you and your date!

Made Up

Getting your make-up right is another important factor. Going make-up free might seem like the easy solution but is actually seen as a negative. Don’t go the other way and layer it on either. Too much or too dramatic make-up screams over-confidence, and is probably not what they’re looking for. Similarly, don’t overdo it on the perfume and fake tan.

Instead, choose subtle tones and apply make-up discreetly to create a good impression. You want to present yourself as someone who looks after themselves without taking it too far.

Be Fantastic Not Tantastic

We’ve already mentioned fake tan, however you don’t have to avoid it completely. The top errors with tan are streaks and over-application, but choosing a good quality brand such as Xen Tan or St Tropez will give you a good, even coverage. Spend some time choosing the colour too – and be realistic. If you blend into the furniture, you’ve gone too far!

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