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Burt's Bees Favourites

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Since their beginning in 1991, Burt's Bees have transformed the world of natural skincare, creating fabulous innovative lines and products that are either 100% natural or as natural as possible. This has since lead to an incredible importance being put on using beauty products that are actually kind to our skin.

With this in mind, a handful of Burt's Bees were tested on our skin and we since discovered our must-have natural beauty care products.

First we started with skin care. To be exact hand and foot care. The first product to be tried was the Coconut Foot Cream 120g

  • Our thoughts: We discovered that if the cream is used everyday, it stops your feet from cracking (very handy for those of us who love wearing sandals throughout the summer). We were walking on air with our lovely soft and smooth feet! It was almost hard to remember the soreness we'd felt before using this cream.

Afterwards we decided to try the Almond and Milk Hand Cream 57g.

  • Our thoughts: At first we were shocked to discover that this thick hand cream does actually last all day long. Many products claim to last all day long but we can all tell when a moisturiser or cream only lasts short while. The smell the cream leaves on your skin isn't very strong, it's very pleasant and quite sweet. Our hands were left smoother and feeling so much softer than before.

Then we decided to move onto trying to improve the colour and health of our lips. The iconic Beeswax Lip Balm is well-renowned for improving the health of lips, whilst we were impressed by this we are more interested in finding a lip balm that can add colour and care for your lips.

First we started with a Lip Crayon in the colour Sedona Sands.

  • Our thoughts: This colour is gorgeous! It gives your lips a subtle hint of colour which is perfect if you don’t like a lot of colour. This colour is so summery we’ll be sure to be wearing it come rain or shine! This is a must-have.

Then we tried another Lip Crayon, in the colour Niagra Overlook.

  • Our thoughts: This lip crayon has a fairly peachy tone, but has a warm spring/summer vibe to it. The lightness of the colour would suit any warm weather day, and the brightness of the crayon would brighten up any outfit.

The last Lip Crayon we tried was in the colour Redwood forest.

  • Our thoughts: This colour is best suited to bring out the summer sunshine if it’s missing. Use this crayon to brighten up your wardrobe and to make yourself feel just a tad more summer-y, and before long you’ll be needing your sunglasses again! The power of nature is truly remarkable, and we are bowled over by the beauty of these crayons.