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Helping you achieve luscious locks

By zestbeauty 6 years ago 1822 Views No comments

When you see models gliding down runways at fashion shows and celebrities strutting their stuff on red carpets around the world, you might look at their flowing locks and think how do they do it?. Watching their luxurious, bouncy, thick hair as it shimmers perfectly for the cameras may make you feel frustrated about your own efforts.

Protecting your hair this summer

By zestbeauty 6 years ago 1631 Views No comments

Having a bad hair day might really sour your mood. When your tresses just aren’t playing ball, your whole look can be ruined and you might feel self-conscious and embarrassed. During the summer, you might find your locks are more unruly than usual and this is no surprise.

Packing the perfect skin care products for your summer holidays

By zestbeauty 6 years ago 1831 Views No comments

Preparing to jet off on your summer holidays can be a great feeling. For a week or two, you get to leave behind the trials and tribulations of life at home and really relax and unwind. If you’re heading somewhere warm, you’ll also be able to top up your tan and return to the rain-soaked UK looking radiant..

Sourcing superb value hair care products

By zestbeauty 6 years ago 1775 Views No comments

Bad hair days can really put a downer on your mood. Knowing your barnet's not playing ball can make you feel self-conscious and generally annoyed. After all, it doesn't matter how great your outfit is or how perfectly you have applied your makeup, if your hair's not up-scratch your whole look can be ruined.

How to Control Curly Hair

By zestbeauty 6 years ago 1178 Views No comments

If you have curly hair then the chances are at some point you will come face to face with the dreaded frizz. Whether your hair is natural, permed or tonged, when frizz strikes you have to act fast to ensure it doesn't ruin your good hair day. Most people with curly hair often stand out in the straight haired crowd; therefore, you should make sure you stick out for all the right reasons.