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Get a sun-kissed glow the easy way

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The weather's been a bit of a washout of late, and that could well mean that your dreams of having a sun-kissed glow in time for summer are rapidly slipping away. But, it doesn't have to be that way. In fact, you should give natural tans a miss altogether. The best thing you can do is fake it, because frying yourself in the sun is certainly not the way to go.

The dangers of tanning

Tans are essentially a form of skin damage caused by harmful UV radiation. Producing pigment is the skin cells response to injury, so that healthy tan is actually a sign of DNA damage. That golden-brown look you crave is just as bad for your skin as burning is, and just one incidence of sunburn already increases your chances of developing skin cancer. If you continue to tan regularly the cumulative effect of all that UV radiation can lead to untold damage, not only leading to a higher chance of developing cancer but also causing premature skin aging with wrinkles, sagging skin and age spots being a direct result of all that tanning. Not a good look.

And as for sunbeds? Don't even think about going near them. Those who use indoor tanners are 74% more likely to develop melanoma (the most aggressive form of skin cancer) than those who have never gone for an indoor tanning session, so you're putting your health at risk every time you step foot in a tanning booth. That's before we even get to the premature ageing issue. You can't avoid being out in the sun but you can avoid a sunbed session, and unless you want to risk cancer or end up looking like a leather handbag a few years down the line you should fake it all the way.

Fake it to make it

Applying a high factor sunscreen every time you set foot outside should be at the top of the agenda, but if you still long for that sun-kissed glow then the only solution is to fake it. There are plenty of products out there that you can choose from, but here at Zest we think that Xen Tan is easily one of the best. With a range of different body care products (including the celeb-favourite Xen Tan Dark Lotion) there's something to suit all skin tones, and their latest development even lets you regulate the colour to suit your desired tan level.

Faking it is the easiest way to get a tan and certainly beats the natural way. There's no need to risk skin damage or spend hours frying yourself to a crisp just to go a bit bronze, because with the right self-tan you'll get an instant glow that'll look natural whilst being safe for your skin. You'll be sun-kissed to perfection, ready to dazzle anyone that walks by, and even if you're still doing battle with the elements you can have a perfect summertime glow that's bound to put a spring in your step.

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