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Kick Start Your Winter Skin Regime

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With winter fast approaching, it’s time to kick start your beauty regime and really start to focus on looking after your skin. The cold weather can have a harsh reaction on your skin, leaving you with a dry face and hands. Moving from the cold outside to warm, heated rooms dries out your skin, so you need to take extra measures to fight back. The right skin care products can help you to combat winter skin problems.

Why Moisturise?

So what’s the problem with dry skin? When skin dries out, it loses its elasticity and ability to renew itself. It doesn’t matter what your skin type is – oily, sensitive, dry – everyone can suffer from this problem, although obviously those with a tendency to dry skin are more likely to suffer. It’s not just the winter weather that will affect your skin’s hydration levels either – the products you use on your body may be contributing to it drying out. Using products which strip the skin of its natural oils (to achieve a matte look, for example) will also dehydrate.

Skin dries out when water evaporates from its surface, which is why the change in temperature from cold to hot makes such a difference. Using moisturiser prevents or slows down this evaporation, and using some products, such as Decléor Hydra Floral, actually put moisture back into the skin, as well as preventing it from escaping.

Why Change Your Skin Routine?

You might well have spent the summer months carefully moisturising your skin to preserve your holiday tan (or avoid peeling!), but you should actually change products when winter rolls around. As the weather changes, you should also change your skin care products for something different. In the summer, water-based creams are best, but for winter, look for an oil-based product. This will give your skin a protective layer to retain the moisture your skin desperately needs. Check out the Decléor Systeme Corps moisturising and firming body emulsion, which will protect your skin, rehydrate and improve elasticity and firmness.

Why Use Sun Cream?

Sun cream filled the shelves of supermarkets and chemists over the summer, and now’s a great time to snap up a bargain as excess stock is reduced. Use your bargain sun cream throughout the winter months as well as the summer – just because it doesn’t provide any heat doesn’t mean the sun’s rays can’t still be harmful to your skin! If you live in a snowy area or plan on going skiing, sun cream is vital to protect from the glare reflected off the white landscape.

Why Shouldn’t You Forget Your Feet?

We tend to look after our feet more in the summer because going sock-free can give you hard and dry skin on your soles, not to mention blisters. However, you still need to look after your feet after you’ve put your socks back on. Use an exfoliating scrub or cream to get off dead skin and then slather your feet in moisturiser. Wearing socks will help it to soak in better too.

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