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Looking bronzed when you hit the beach

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If youre preparing to jet off on vacation to somewhere altogether sunnier than the UK, you might be feeling excited. Although the weathers been a little better over recent weeks than it was at the start of the summer, its still nothing to write home about. So, getting the chance to sun yourself on golden beaches under blue skies could be just what the doctor ordered!

However, before you set off on your travels, you might want to lose that stark white radiance your skin has. Taking a trip to the hotel swimming pool or local beach while youre feeling pale can be embarrassing - and this is made even worse if everyone around you seems to have that sun-kissed look. This is where fabulous skin care products come into their own. By using some tanning lotions before you embark on your summer break, you can make sure you dont have to suffer this humiliation.

Make sure you get your sunbathing spot

Meanwhile, you might have to compete for the best sunbathing spots when you arrive in your destination of choice. According to travel association ABTA, lots of Brits are taking time off work over the summer to head overseas.

The organisation noted that more than two million British holidaymakers were predicted to set off on trips abroad during the first weekend of the school summer holidays alone. Spanish destinations were a particular hit, with the Canary and Balearic Islands the most popular areas. Also, Turkey and Greece proved to be hotspots for holidaymakers.

Saving yourself cash

Heading off on a trip to sunnier climes is bound to set you back a few bob, but this year you might find your cash stretches that little bit further. ABTA noted that the strength of the pound against the euro is making excursions to this area cheaper. Meanwhile, as many economies across the Channel struggle, prices in bars and restaurants are falling.

Of course, any money you save on your vacation can no doubt be put to great use on Xen Tan lotions and other such products. After all, when you return from your overseas trip, youll no doubt want to keep that gorgeous summer glow.

Bagging up bargains online

Here at Zest Beauty we know that skincare items arent an accessory to life - theyre a whole lifestyle in themselves. Without the right creams, exfoliators, fragrances and so on, you might not feel like yourself.

We go out of our way to make sure the very best products are accessible to all budgets, so you wont have to go bust stocking up your bathroom cabinet. To see our full range of tanning products and other items, just take a look around the rest of our website.

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