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A BBC Watchdog investigation has revealed that a common chemical preservative used in a broad range of skincare products to keep bacteria at bay is causing unprecedented levels of allergic reaction in consumers.

Leading dermatologist Dr Ian White from St Thomas' Hospital, London, identified the preservative Methylisothiazolinone (MI) as one of two potential causes of severe reactions, saying that one in ten of the patients he now sees are allergic to MI.

The preservative (MI) is used in beauty products to extend their shelf life and prevent the growth of bacteria, but dermatologists are blaming it's widespread use in everyday products for the biggest outbreak of eczema, dermatitis and other skin allergies that they have ever seen.

For dermatologists in the UK, the expected rate of allergic reaction from any cosmetic product is 1-2% of the patients they see. But data from leading clinics across the UK indicates that the rate of reaction is MI is currently running at more than 10%. That means that for every 100 people tested with MI, more than 10 suffer an allergic reaction. In 2005, the chemical MDBGN was outlawed when it displayed a much lower allergy rate of 4.5%.

Use of MI is currently legal and any changes to the law could take years, however, Dr White told Watchdog he believed that with such a high rate of allergic reaction, the companies themselves should do the responsible thing and simply stop using it. "Contact allergy to this permitted preservative is now of epidemic proportions. What needs to happen now is that immediate action needs to be taken by industry. Certainly, industry should withdraw its use from leave-on products such as moisturising creams, and at the same time reduce, at least reduce, the concentrations that they are using in rinse off products such as shampoos. We need to get down to quite low levels of exposure which will probably be safe for the majority of individuals."

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