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Protecting your hair this summer

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Having a bad hair day might really sour your mood. When your tresses just aren’t playing ball, your whole look can be ruined and you might feel self-conscious and embarrassed. During the summer, you might find your locks are more unruly than usual and this is no surprise.

The sun can damage your hair and taking a dip in chlorinated swimming pools or salty oceans doesn’t help either. So, at this time of year it’s more important than ever to invest in the right hair care products.

Expert tips

Speaking to Access Hollywood recently, hair colour expert Kyle White offered some tips on how to keep your locks in good condition. He said: “The sun bleaches out paint jobs on cars and fades fine art, which is why museums don’t hang fine art in direct sun light. As far as I’m concerned, hair colour is art, so keep it covered when in direct sunlight.” Wearing floppy hats or scarves in one way of doing this, he noted.

He also suggested that it’s important to use sun block products in your hair. About this, he remarked: “For everyday use, just like your dermatologist says sun block for your skin every day, I say sun block for your hair every day.”

Don’t get carried away in the pool

While you might like to take a dip while on holiday, Mr White noted it’s important not to expose your hair to chlorine and salt water too much. He said: “Imagine what would happen to your favourite dress or Manolos if dunked in salt water or chlorine, and then laid it out in the sun - that’s what you’re doing to your highlights.”

The specialist added that if you are planning on taking the plunge, it’s a good idea to “slick your hair back with an oil that contains sun protection”.

Choosing the right products

Meanwhile, it’s important to use a good conditioner, he went on to claim. Mr White recommended using a deep conditioning treatment once a week.

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