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The Importance of Sun Protection this Summer

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Summer is nearly here and it's important to plan ahead to ensure you're prepared for one of the UK's unexpected bouts of sunshine. Therefore, you should browse the variety of sun protection products on offer to ensure that your skin is protected under the hot summer rays.

Without sun protection your skin will burn and this not only painful, but it can cause dizziness and fatigue. Also, sunscreen can protect you from harmful UV rays which can lead to non-malignant tumours. Sunburn can also age your skin which can lead to increased wrinkles.

For this reason, sun protection creams are a must during the hot months to prevent damage to your skin. However, you might be wondering what SPF protection to use and how often you should use it, which is why the following information might be of some help.

Here at ZestBeauty.com we recommend our customers opt for at least an SPF of 15, as this can protect skin from 93% of UVB radiation. However, SPF 30 can provide protection of 97%. You should apply sun protection at least 20 minutes before going out into the sun and add about 1 ounce of sunscreen every 2 hours.

Many people often overlook the lips, ears, feet, hands, the back of the neck and bald spots when applying sun protection, so make sure you cover every inch. Also, apply sunscreen underneath necklaces, bracelets, watches and bathing suit straps.

Another way to prevent sun damage and aid sunscreen is by wearing protective clothing. Therefore, if you are heading out for a day at the beach, make sure you take a hat and a cardigan or jacket with you, as this can protect your skin when the sun becomes too hot or you need some relief from the rays. Seeking shade can also ensure that you can enjoy the outdoors whilst preventing your skin from sun damage.

So, whether you a planning a day at the beach in the UK or a holiday abroad, the above information can ensure that you have an enjoyable experience whilst ensuring your skin is happy and healthy. We are delighted to offer a range of exceptional sun protection products, including Burt Bees Radiance Day (SPF 15), Decleor Aroma Sun Protective Hydrating Milk, plus so much more.

Alternatively, if you would like to receive a sun tan without heading out into the sun, we offer popular body tanning products which are safe way to receive a tan. Take a look at our XEN Tan and St Tropez Self Tan Bronzing Lotion products today.

As well as high quality sun protection and tanning products, we also offer a variety of skin care products, such as Australian Body Care Tee Tree Oil, Decleor products and more. Browse our fantastic, affordable collections to view the finest beauty products online.

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