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What’s My Type? Know Your Skin

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It goes without saying that your skin is “normal” to you, but an important part of looking after it well is finding out what your skin type is. People are grouped into varying skin categories so that diverse skin types can be catered for with different body care products.

If you’re still not sure about your skin type, here are some simple steps to follow so that you are better informed about which products to buy:

•    Wash your face using a very gentle cleansing product, and pat dry (don’t rub your face vigorously with a towel.) Take off any cosmetics and remove any built up oil or dirt. But don’t scrub away too enthusiastically.

•    Wait an hour so that your complexion can return to its natural state, showing you the characteristics which determine which skin type you are.

•    Dab your face with a tissue, especially what is known as the “T” zone, or the area of your nose and forehead.

You’re now ready to learn your skin type – it will fall into one of four categories – oily, normal, dry or combination.

Oily skin will leave grease on the tissue – you may also notice a sheen to your complexion, and that your face has quite big pores. A product like Australian body care tea tree oil is ideal for this skin type.

Dry skin can feel tight, or you may notice dead skin flakes. Equally, you may find you have smaller pores on your face. Clearly, with this skin type it is important that you moisturise intensively.

Normal skin is neither oily nor flaky. It will also feel smooth and supple.

A Combination complexion is the most common skin type. It shows traits of all of the above three skin varieties – and typically the T-zone may be greasy, while the rest of the face will be normal to dry. Equally, there are two further skin types which are potentially problematic, you need to know if that applies to you as well.

The first is sensitive skin, which means your face has a reaction to regular skin care ranges. Reactions can include rashes, itchiness or redness.

Secondly, acne-prone skin can affect even those who are no longer teenagers, especially if your complexion tends to be oily. If this applies to you, it is especially important to find a skin care range that helps.

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