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Auriderm XO 75ml

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Auriderm XO helps the bruises that can occur after some cosmetic procedures look better faster. Nanosomes encapsulate the Vitamin K Oxide, an essential component of the natural bruise healing process and consistently deliver it through the skin's epidermis to the site of the bruise.

Auriderm XO aids the contusions that can occur after some cosmetic treatments look much better much faster. Nanosomes envelop the Vitamin K Oxide, an important component of the all-natural bruise healing process and also continually provide it with the skin's skin to the site of the contusion.

A bruise is simply coagulated blood under the skin that has accumulated as a result of damaged blood vessels. The Vitamin K Oxide helps break this down in a natural way. For the best results start using the gel as soon after the treatment as possible, but don’t apply to broken skin.


  • Helps diminish appearance of bruises that occur after cosmetic treatments.
  • Unique vitamin K oxide emulsion gel with superior results.


  • Simply apply a thin layer of Auriderm XO twice a day on the bruise or in the area where you would expect bruising to develop, and gently rub it in.
  • Continue to use the gel until the appearance of the bruise is negligible or as directed by your practitioner.
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