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Sigma Beauty E21 Smudge Brush

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A cruelty-free eyeshadow brush with a small, rounded head that is ideal for applying and smudging product at the lash line. E21 Smudge Brush is perfectly suited to cream and powder makeup: use it to blend pencil liners to a soft finish, or smoke out eyeshadow at the lash lines.

The E21 Smudge Brush by Sigma features a very short and small, rounded brush head and is best used for the application of powder and cream products to smudge out pencil liner on the lower lash line or to add smoky, controlled shadow to the lash line for a softening effect. It’s made with SigmaTech® fibers, which are synthetically engineered to outperform traditional animal hair. They feature technologically advanced filaments with specialized tips developed to hold and deliver cream and powder products without any absorption into the bristles. Built to last, the fibers are hypoallergenic, antibacterial and will maintain their original shape and color even after several washes. The brush handle is made from lightweight, sustainably sourced wood that's durable and scratch-resistant.


  • Unique Feature: Small, round and dense
  • Function: Strong, precise smudge application
  • Exclusive SigmaTech® Fibres
  • Cruelty Free


  • Blend the chosen eyeshadow onto the eyes as desired.

How To Clean Sigma Brushes

1 Wet

Wet the bristles of your makeup brushes under warm water. Avoid unnecessarily wetting the ferrule and handle. This can damage and losen the fibers and ferrule of the brush over time.

2 Wash

Add a small amount of cleaning solution to makeup brush bristles. Using the textures of your Sigma Spa brush cleaning tool, swirl brush on the WASH texture to deep clean.

3 Rinse

Continue to hold the brush downward, place makeup brush under running water and sweep brush back and forth on the RINSE texture on your Sigma Spa gadget. Repeat steps two through three until the water runs clear.

4 Squeeze

Gently squeeze brush bristles with hand, microfiber towel or paper towel to remove excess water.

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