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BKR - The Beautiful Glass Water Bottle

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No product you’re using is going to work if you’re dehydrated. Beauty 101: You’ve got to drink water + sleep. bkr can’t tuck you into bed early, but this luminous beauty essential will motivate you to drink 10x more water, and love it (like it’s cake). If you aren't drinking enough water there's no point.

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bkr is like the perfect t-shirt—soft and effortless and once you start using it you can’t live without it. Designed with attention to every little detail out of an appreciation for all things luxurious—the mouth is the perfect sipping size, the sleeve feels right, fits beautifully and is easy to take off and put back on. The cap is made with the most elegant machinery to ensure an exact no-leak seal. It loops on your fingers perfectly whether it's on or off the bottle and can be flipped over and perched over the mouth of your bottle overnight or when stored. A staple at fashion week and loved by A-list celebrities the world over, bkr is a necessary luxury that effectively delivers the element most crucial for flawless beauty—water.

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